Marriage | Sexual Purity


Erick and Sylvia’s marriage had many issues; financial, anger, rage, selfish-centeredness, adultery, lust, pornography and more. However, after being freed from the power of sin through the gospel of Jesus Christ, Erick and Sylvia have been used by the Lord to help other marriages find the freedom and peace they themselves once longed for. You can contact Erick and Sylvia Hurt at 928-279-2881.

Erick recommends Setting Captives Free for those struggling with various issues, depression, weight loss, purity, media addiction and more. With 13 free courses available, all free of charge and gospel-centered. If available you’ll be assigned an online mentor who will walk with you in your journey towards freedom, (if you want one) or you can add an accountability partner who will receive each lesson and can reply to you and encourage you along the way.

Kendal writes, “It has been so helpful to concentrate on the cross and the love, victory, and power that Christ provided for us while taking the Purity Boot Camp course. It is the Gospel, the Good News, that we need to and have to share. 

I now have an increased awareness of Christ on the cross, His pain, His suffering, Him paying for my sin, Him taking my judgment, suffering, pain, and condemnation. I have reaffirmed my commitment to Christ and grown deeper in love with Him. 

I have realized the importance of consistently and continually washing at the cross. I desire to know Him even more and to help others know Him, experience His love, freedom, and deliverance. I have been walking in freedom from pornography for a couple of years now, but this course helped me understand more clearly how and what Christ provided and helped me walk in that freedom. 

I tried and struggled to be free on my own for decades, but I finally came to a place where I was able to crucify the flesh and walk by His Spirit through the victory of His cross. This course has helped solidify that victory and liberation from sin and my old nature. I look forward to continuing to put these principles into practice and sharing them with others in as many avenues as possible.

I highly recommend this course for anyone entangled, chained, and trapped in sexual sin and impurity. The principles in this course can show you the way to freedom through the power of the cross, the living word of God the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”


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