January 2019

NT06-78 The Believers Supreme Act of Worship / Service – Part 1: Romans 12:1

Pastor Pete introduces the last section in this great book of Romans, chapters 12-16. In chapter 12: verses 1 and 2 we are introduced to three great questions that is the practical application of everything we’ve seen, heard and been taught in Romans chapters 1:-11: 1.) What are we to offer God? Our Bodies. 2.) […]

Theology 401 – 2019 Demonology: Lesson 5

In this lesson on Demonology Pastor Pete will share the diabolical schemes and work of Demons. Hits: 142

December 2018

019-41 Be of Good Courage – Psalm 31:

In this Psalm of David we will be considering David’s plea, his passion, his petition, his praise and his proclamation. We need not fear whatever life may hand us. We know it has passed through God’s hand of permission first and is all meant for our good and for God’s eternal glory. Bring it Hime […]

Theology 401 – 2018 – Demonology – Lesson 3

Pastor Pete will continue in this third installment the first lesson on Demonology. We will look at the III part in the Biblical Description of Demons. Hits: 197

A Very Disturbing Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

This year’s Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is disturbing on a number of levels. Why does it seem everything that has to do with the Advent and Incarnation of Jesus Christ be airbrushed and picture perfect. It was anything but perfect. Jesus chose to break in to our world with a story line of imperfection. The […]

Christmas Sunday Sermon – 2018 IMMANUEL – What IF Jesus Had Never Come to Save Us – Selected Scriptures

Christmas 2018 – On this Christmas Sunday we will hear a compelling sermon entitled: “INCARNATION!” (What IF Jesus Christ Had Never Come to Earth) Selected Scriptures. Imagine the horror of living under an everlasting death in CONDEMNATION? Imagine unrelenting slavery with no REDEMPTION? Imagine an insatiable wrath coming from an angry and righteous God, no […]

Theology 401 – 2018 Fallen Angels and the Study of Demons – Lesson 2

In this lesson Pastor Pete will continue building a case for a Biblical distinction between fallen angels and demons. Hits: 138

Sam Rotman – A Christmas Piano Concert, Testimony and Preaching – 2018

Sam Rotman is a graduate of Julliard School of Music and an accomplished pianist who has traveled the world for His Messiah: the Lord Jesus Christ. In this Christmas Concert Sam will play the great composers on the F.B.C. baby grand and share his personal testimony and a portion of the Word of God as […]

Theology 401 – 2018 Demonology – Lesson 1

Theology 401 – 2018 Demonology – Lesson 1 – In this class Pastor Pete will begin the study of fallen angels and demons. We will discuss the biblical description of demons and their destiny in God’s Sovereign plan for all time. We will examine whether the fallen angels of Genesis 6: are or are not […]

Theology 401 – 2018 Satanology – Lesson 7 Part 2

Theology 401 Satanology – Lesson Seven part 2. We will go over the rest of the lesson on overcoming the Enemy when we are tempted. Listen for Life! Hits: 156