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Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Partners in the Work of the Gospel Ministry:
God has been faithful to bring us, as a Church, to such a time as this, to reveal the simplicity and power of the Gospel to our Pastor and church leadership and to the wonderful people who make up the family of God here at Family Bible Church.
Unfortunately, many churches choose to concentrate on the power of their music ministry, their children and youth programs, their ministries to men and women while all the while neglecting the true power: the Power of the Gospel. The mission of the church will be anemic and powerless without a conscientious turning back to the innerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture, the supremacy of Christ and the laser focus of a powerful Holy Spirit driven gospel message.
What a novel idea, to turn the building of His Bride: the Church back to the One who said, “I will build my church!” Clever marketing techniques, fog machines, awesome music bands and power packed youth ministries won’t make a wit of difference without the breath of God and the power of His gospel. A pragmatic gospel will never change hearts and lives.
Family Bible Church is all about unleashing the Power of the Gospel.
It is time for the church to “Bring it Home!” by saying, ‘YES’ to God and the Power of His Gospel, by Proclaiming the Living Christ, by Providing a Living Hope and by Reproducing, by God’s grace, Living, Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ. None of this can be done without the power of the gospel.
If God is drawing you, we extend the invitation to see for yourself what God is doing here in Kingman and specifically at Family Bible Church Kingman.

Pastor-Teacher: Peter A. Ernst  

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