February 2021

Z2 Lawful Oaths and Vows and Civil Government

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Rus Miller: Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries – “Science and the Scriptures”

This Sunday we are pleased to present Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. He is a long time friend and partner in ministry, a fierce champion of the faith and the of the true gospel. His teachings include a young earth and a Christ-exalting ministry where our thinking must come under the authority […]

Z1 Religious Worship and the Sabbath

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NT1-4 Sermon #28 “You Must Be Born Again! – Part Five: The Greatest Adventure!” (Chapter Three: JESUS – Starting Up the Ministry)

Part Two of John 3:16 Hits: 34

1689 London Baptist

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January 2021

NT1-4 Sermon #27 “You Must Be Born Again! – Part Four: The Greatest Adventure!” (Chapter Three: JESUS: Starting Up the Ministry) John 3:16

The Greatest Adventure any one of us could ever be a part of is Salvation by Grace through Faith in the Person and Work of the LORD Jesus Christ for our sin. For apart from the call of God, the work of God, the regenerating, justifying, sanctifying, and ultimate glorifying of God none of us […]


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NT1-4 #26 “You Must Be Born Again!” Part Three: (Chapter Two: JESUS – Starting Up the Ministry) John 3:14-21

What do you think it will take to bring to you, your family, and even this nation true revival? Only the believer is no longer under condemnation from Almighty God. This is the third installment of four messages on the subject: “You Must Be Born Again!” This message is a plea, from God, through Pastor […]

1689 LBC #20

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NT1-4, #25 “You Must Be Born Again” Part Two: (Chapter Two: JESUS: Starting Up the Ministry) John 3:4-13

We move from Part One – The Inquiry of Nicodemus (3:1-3) to Part Two: The Insight for Nicodemus (3:4-6), The Indictment of Nicodemus (3:9-12) The Illustrations for Nicodemus (3:14,15) The Illumination of Nicodemus (3:16-21) Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE! Hits: 37