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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Power of God for salvation. It is not just a salvation message it is also Consecration and Sanctification as we grow into maturity it is an impossibility apart from the Good News of Christ Himself: the Hope of Glory. Him we preach, warning every man, teaching every man in all wisdom that we might present every man perfect (spiritually mature) in Christ Jesus. To this end we labor striving according to His working which works in us mightily. Colossians 1:28,29


June 2018

Theology 301 – Pneumatology – 2018 – Lesson 1

Theology 301 Pneumatology: The Study of the Holy Spirit – Lesson 1 – In this class we will discuss why the study of the Holy Spirit is so essential for living the Christian life. We will discuss who He is and who He is not, His Person and His work: What He Does. We will end our discussion on the past, present and future work of the Holy Spirit in our salvation.

NT06-68 Children of the Living God (Five Personal Examples of God’s Election) Romans 9:6-29

Pastor Pete continues his study within the series on the Book of Romans on the subject of Election. This extremely difficult doctrine of the Church and the Word is of utmost importance because within this doctrine we see the character and sovereign providence of God in all aspects of salvation. To suggest that we play any role in our own salvation is to admit a woeful ignorance of the doctrine of salvation. In this message we will look at five examples the Apostle Paul used to clarify and rectify this essential doctrine of grace. (Romans 9:6-29) Bring it Home as you LISTEN for LIFE!

May 2018

Christology 201 – 2018 – Lesson 4

Lesson 4: The temptation of Jesus Christ, the Death and Atoning Work of Jesus Christ, the validity and significance of the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, the Anointed Offices of Jesus Christ, the Present Day Ministries of Jesus Christ, the Future Reign and Glory of Jesus Christ and a CROSS WORDS puzzle to wrap up Christology 201.

01932 The Gospel of the Good Shepherd (An Apologetic for the Christian Faith) Part Six Psalm 23:

In Part Six of the series on Psalm 23: we dedicate this message in memory of Chad Davis, a recently passed brother in Christ and faithful member of Family Bible Church. Even though we are two thirds through this series, we break with an overview as an apologetic for the Christian faith, using this amazing Psalm to give witness to the grace and goodness of the Great Shepherd of the Faith. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

01931 Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Part Five) Psalm 23

01931 Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death – (Learning How to Survive Life’s Most Challenging Journey’s) Psalm 23:4 Most of us dread having to be in the dark or having to walk through dark places. The darkness can be very scary and very threatening especially for creatures that live as predators and seek to prey on victims weaker then themselves. God has a message of hope for each one of us. We will all have to walk through these valleys. Death is an inevitable destiny for all of us

Christology 201 – 2018 Lesson 3 The Messianic Prophecies and Ministries of Jesus Christ

Lesson 3 of Christology 201 covers the Messianic Prophecies and Ministries of Jesus Christ,

Theology 201 – 2018 – Christology – Lesson 2

In this lesson we will look at the Person and Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ in His trinity, deity, virgin birth, incarnation, humanity, divine names, titles, attributes, kenosis, hypostatic union and impeccability.

Living Life on Purpose (Learning to Follow the Good Shepherd in Paths of Righteousness) Psalm 23: 3b

Most of us live our lives by accident. More of us plan more for our family vacations then we plan for eternity. How do we live our lives on purpose? How do we finish well knowing that we’ve started on the right path and stayed the course? The Psalmist in the Shepherd’s Psalm answers this question in a way that will cause us to want to want to stay on the right paths following close to the good Shepherd of the sheep. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Restoration – (Moving from Fear into Pastures of Peace) Part Three – Psalm 23:2,3a

In the Shepherd’s Psalm, Psalm 23: we see the work of the Chief Shepherd of the sheep in our lives. The Good Shepherd is satisfying, enough and salvation. For without the protective gaze of the Great Shepherd of the sheep none of us would be alive much less thriving. The Gospel of Restoration moves us from the state of fear and confusion into pastures of peace and contentment. Look into the Biblical examples of Nicodemus, the woman at the well and the apostle Peter to see for yourself the work of the Great Shepherd in your life. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

April 2018

Jesus’ Death Defeats Satan

Hebrews 2:14-15