Let Freedom Ring Sunday (What Matters Most in the 2020 Elections) Selected Scriptures

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Sermon Notes

What is a Christian to do? What Matters Most? We are called by God to be Christians first and US Citizen’s somewhere down the list in priority. And yet, we live in a Constitutional Republic that has providentially been given to us as U.S. Citizen’s, to hold in check those who have been appointed to represent us in our values and convictions as Americans. This week, Pastor Pete will warn and teach the essential importance of our individual votes and Constitutional responsibilities in holding accountable those who represent us. To knowingly neglect such a responsibility is to miss what could be the most important election in our lifetimes. To say, Jesus and Paul didn’t participate in holding Rome accountable, we need to be reminded that Jesus and Paul didn’t live in a Constitutional Republic. To whom much is given; much will be required. Only God knows what the future holds for America, however; we know Who holds the future. Be sure to VOTE on November 3rd. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!