NT1-4, #62 The Sermon on the Mount: Part 20 PRAYER: Part One – “How’s Your Prayer Life?” Matthew 6:5-8

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Sermon Notes

Most evangelical, Bible-believing Christians would, without hesitation, say they believe in prayer and yet, so few of us make it a habit, a practice, a disciplined commitment. The least attended meeting of the church is the prayer meeting. Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” We’ve made it into a house of teaching, preaching, worship, fellowship, communion. All very good things and essential for Christian health and growth. Unfortunately, the power source that is almost universally rejected is prayer. Sunday’s message is on Jesus teaching on prayer, Matthew 6:5-15. In this first installment, we look at verses 5-8. The Power of the Gospel: Bring it Home as You Listen for LIFE!

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