September 2012

Lessons From the Life of Jepthah – Part One

Sometimes we don’t see that the hand of God is sovereignly at work and when we do see it we are often blown away at how He does His thing(s). Jephthah is a good example of this principle for us. The least likely man is sovereignly placed by God to deliver God’s people from the hands of the Ammonites. Bet ya he never saw it coming. There are many things that we can learn about God through the life of Jephthah – an unknown deliverer.

August 2012

3 John: Walking in the Truth

It has been said that imitation is the most sincere form a flattery. The problem is that in this world there are many examples to imitate. Even those who are most pious in their walk with the Lord need to admit that there are spots of imperfection in their journey. Nonetheless it is of great benefit for us to find an honorable, Godly example in the committed saints around as well as those who went before us. In the letter of 3rd John we are given some great examples both to follow and also to reject. In this sermon we look at these men in the early church and ask ourselves who we will follow.

July 2012

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

Seize the Day!  Ecclesiates 1:1-8 Sermon Notes Hits: 80

June 2012

A Found Son. A Father’s Joy.

Pastor Aaron shares a Father's Day message from the story of the prodigal son.

April 2012

Easter Sunday – What About the Resurrection?

What about the resurrection? Not only is this a good question to ask regarding our faith but it is an essential question. This is a question that the church in Corinth found themselves asking and failing to adequately answer during the time of Paul’s letter to them. To deny the future resurrection of the saints is to bring irreparable damage to the gospel, the present work, victory and reign of Christ, and the future hope of the summing up of all things under God the Father. In Christ’ we have victory and hope. Without the resurrection we have nothing.

February 2012

Vessels of Honor

Will we choose to be vessels of honor - anctified, useful and prepared? If so, what areas of our life do we need to surrender to God?

October 2011

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Passion of Christ

What does your passion drive you to do? I know that this is a very broad question that is usually hard for us to answer without some kind of context around it but this sermon is going to confront this possible life altering truth that we can see in the life of Jesus. Pastor Aaron will develop the reasoning that we can see the passion of Christ through the compassion that He freely poured out on the people around Him. There are four different kinds of people that we are going to meet in Matthew 9. In studying these dear, broken lives we might not only come face to face with the needs of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc., but God might even develop a passionate life of compassion in us. In doing so, we will say ‘YES!’ to Christ’s passion.

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Will of Christ!

Have you ever thought about God’s Will? In other words have you ever pondered what God wants? To some people this is an easy question to answer but to others it is not so simple. Israel thought they had it all figured out. They reasoned that God was content with their ceremonial actions that they performed in the temple and their festivals that they celebrated at their appointed times. They basically reasoned that as long as they did the “religious stuff” God was appeased. Can you imagine their shock when God voiced His disappointment? God doesn’t want our mindless, heartless actions; especially if they contrast with our lives that we may live outside of the eyeshot or earshot of the church. Our obedience should not be a meaningless attempt to appease Him but rather our true and sincere reaction to ALL that He is. This is the obedience that God longs for; this is true obedience.

August 2011

Gleanings from Paul A Letter of Reconciliation

Paul's letter of Philemon has much to say about forgiveness and reconciliation. Listen as Pastor Aaron takes a close look at what it means to reconcile.