February 2022

The Sermon on the Mount: Part 19 – GIVING: “Giving From the Heart” Matthew 6:1-4

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October 2021

Adam’s Road Ministries

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Why We Forgive

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A Visit From Jonathan Edwards

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August 2020

1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith Part Three

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July 2020

Confronting Your Fears

Confronting Our Fear. “Fear seems to be the the primary emotion that people are dealing with these days. How are Christians dealing with fear?” Hits: 86

Confronting Sin and True Repentance

2nd Samuel 12:1-15   Psalm 51 Hits: 86

January 2020

Are You a Good Person? by Cameron MacIntosh

In this message our brother Cameron MacIntosh will present the message: “Are You a Good Person?” We will look into the doctrinal error of pelagianism and where this notion of man’s goodness comes from and where it needs to go. We will be given the proper theological response to such heresy and the message of […]

December 2019

“At Just the Right Time”

In this amazing message Elder Erick Hurt teaches from the Old Testament example of Elijah and the widow in (I Kings 17:1-16) and how this story illustrates, in practical application, the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all of us who have lived in famine and destitution before Christ came into our lives, ‘At Just the […]

May 2019

But God Can!

Brent R. and his wife Chris are long time missionaries to the Philippines. Their ministry is taking on a new aspect of becoming overseers in Asia and the Pacific.   Brent in this message shares the challenges of being called by God to do impossible tasks way out of our comfort zones. We must be obedient […]