November 2016

Good News in a Bad News World 11-06-2016 Pastor Peter Ernst

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October 2016

How Do I (We) Get Motivated?

When looking at the state of the church and the church in the state we see inertia in the wrong direction. Entire theme parks are created for our amusement playing on the pull of gravity, sliding, falling and spinning downhill can be great fun until we reach the bottom. We either stay at the bottom until we die or we find ourselves seeking even more thrill rides to take us even farther downhill and away from our life goals and dreams. When will we decide to do some hard climbing for the glory of God? When will we seek once again the bliss of accomplishing difficult goals and great heights of achievement? When will we selflessly give our lives away to pull others from the flames of destruction? Unfortunately, any climbing we do often comes from a motivation of self-effort. The church and professing believers must ultimately take the blame for the state of the church and the state of the state we find ourselves in. How will things change? What will it take to move the true believer from being a couch potato to being motivated to take the hard climb as a Christ exalting believer resulting in the blood, sweat and tears of evangelism, missions and life change that affects and infects all of society? Godly, Christ honoring, Biblical motivation is the key. Whatever motivates you moves you, compels you and ultimately challenges you to choose to climb instead of slide into oblivion. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

September 2016

How Should I Vote on November 8, 2016?

What a mess! Have you ever witnessed such confusion and vitriolic hatred for the upcoming elections? What is a true believer to do when facing the 2016 elections or any election for that matter? Should we just give up sincerely believing God has it all under control and what we do or don't do won't affect the ultimate outcome? What if our vote and our involvement in government really made a difference? Can we just sit this one out believing other candidates and elections will come along where the choices are more palatable to our liking? What are the consequences to our Constitutional Republic if we choose to not get involved? Why are we where we are as a nation? What must the church and individual believer do to make a difference regardless of the outcome? Let's Bring it Home as we Listen for LIFE!

August 2016

From Sinking to Swimming

Psalm 13: seems like an unlikely song to be sung to the Lord. And yet, the Psalmist, not unlike you or me struggled with whether or not God was and is listening to our heart cry and watching our struggle here on earth. I love the psalms for their honesty and transparency. A universal weakness in all of us human beings is our impatience. We can tend to overdramatize the situation when we sing our pain aloud to anyone who will hear us. While we are being honest enough to tell Him the truth of our impatience could we, would we take a moment to consider that God does indeed care for each one of us as He does the sparrow. When we look back in time and consider all God has done for us, we should draw comfort that the same God who was there with us and for us in the past will be with us in the present and future. Our confidence cannot come from our feelings and circumstances but in an inner assurance of God's goodness and loving kindness. Let's Bring it Home as we Listen for Life!

July 2016

The Believer’s Hope of Glory

Have you ever wondered why God created the fly or mosquito? They don't seem to have any purpose whatsoever but possibly be food for other birds and animals. Their very buzzing presence seems to make our life an unacceptable and miserable annoyance. It's almost as if we can't rest until that pesky fly or mosquito is squashed and put out of its existence. In the same way we might ask what the purpose of our present day sufferings are all about? The Apostle Paul spoke to these concerns for the believer in Romans 5:1-11. In this amazing section of God's Word we find the Believer's Hope of Glory and five results of justification by faith. Paul clarifies for our finite minds the reason and purpose of suffering. Not unlike that fly or mosquito pain and suffering is a tool used by Almighty God to perfect us, grow us, mature us and assist us in our Christian walk and journey towards spiritual maturity. This lesson is of the utmost importance for every believer as we navigate the bitter experiences of life and ministry. Let's Bring it Home as we Listen for Life!


"What in the world is going on?" These are words we hear more and more as we collectively watch our world careen into anarchy, rebellion and ruin. What's a true believer to do? How then do we live in such a hostile and morally bankrupt environment? Knowing we are at war and who we are at war with is a beginning. This war between God our Creator and you and I, His creation, began in the garden of Eden and has escalated throughout every generation since the beginning of time. We need peace: Peace with God and the Peace of God. The Apostle Paul gives us a summary of the Doctrine of Justification in Romans 5:1-21 Pastor Pete begins this amazing section in the first two verses of this amazing chapter. "War and Peace" (Know God, know peace; No God, No peace) Let's bring it home as we Listen for Life!

Abraham’s (My) Righteousness – Part Three

The Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, instructed the church then and the church now on not only our utter depravity but also the hope of justification by faith through the finished work of Jesus Christ who saved us from our sin and an eternity in hell. Using Abraham as his illustration of how the process of salvation takes place: 1. Abraham was justified by faith not by works. Romans 4:1-8; 2. Abraham was justified by grace not by the law. Romans 4:9-17; and, 3. Abraham was justified by hope not by unbelief. Romans 4:18-25. What can the unbeliever and believer hope in? A Faith that in Confusion: Thinks, A Faith that in Hope: Believes. A Faith that in Weakness Trusts, A Faith that in condemnation: Justifies and Saves. Pastor Pete prays the Holy Spirit will breathe on this message and upon your heart as we bring it home. Listen for LIFE!

June 2016

The Moral Minority

Psalm 12:1-8 is a Psalm (Song) of David concerned with the state of the state of Israel and of society as a whole. Not unlike the situation today in America, David saw the wickedness of his own heart as well as those living in society all around him. What do you do when you witness a nation crumble and self-destruct? In this week's message Pastor Pete speaks on the subject of "The Moral Minority:" (How to Call a Wicked Nation Back to God) David answers the three questions in this Psalm: 1.) Where do we start? 2.) What must we do? and, 3.) How do we live? Does America have a prayer? What will become of us as a nation if things don't change soon? "America, Bless God!" Let's bring it home as we listen for LIFE!

The Heart of a Godly Father

On this Father's Day 2016 we need to collectively revisit the role and necessary place of the Father in the Christian home. Unfortunately, many men have lost their motivation because the church and well meaning wives and mother's have taken their responsibility from the home. If the church and women insist on taking over the man's role too many men will gladly let them and step away from their God given responsibilities and mantle of authority. Granted many men are to blame for abandoning their wives and children substituting their jobs, sports and many other meaningless distractions for their families. We need to give men back their motivation to step back in to their God given role as the leaders and Christian educator's of their homes and families. Pastor Pete unwraps I Thessalonians 2:1-20 1.) A Father's Motivation. 2:1-6; 2.) A Father's Inspiration. 2:7-11; 3.) A Father's Expectation. 2:12-20. Let's bring it back home as we listen for life!

If The Foundations Are Destroyed

What happens if the foundations are destroyed? In a house? in a marriage? In a church or business? In a nation? Someone said, "It is in man's extremities that we discover God's sufficiencies." What a comfort to know that in unsettling times even when the foundations of our faith, family and country are being threatened, compromised and even destroyed our confidence can remain steadfast and secure in Christ and His kingdom principles. We look to Psalm 11:1-7 to discover David's (Our) Trust, David's (Our) Temptation and ultimately, David's (Our) Triumph. Let's bring it home as we listen for life!