March 2021

Z7 Lords Supper Baptism

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NT1-4 Sermon #33 “FOLLOW ME and I Will Make You Fishers of Men” (Chapter Three: JESUS: Rising Notoriety)Matthew 4:12-22; Mark 1:14-20; Luke 4:31a

In our ongoing study on the Complete Gospel: A Chronological Journey through the Four Gospels, we are looking this week at “FOLLOW ME and I Will Make You Fishers of Men.” (NT1-4, #33) In this message Pastor Pete will take the harmony gospel accounts in Matthew, Mark and Luke and weave them together to tell […]

SPRING 2021: “What Does God Want to Plant in Your Life” (Timeless Principles for Planting and Reaping) I Corinthians 2:1-3:23

The First of Four Seasonal Messages on 1.) Spring Seed, 2.) Summer Fruit, 3.) Fall Victory and 4.) Winter Peace. For Spring Seed we will look at the passage in I Corinthians 2:1-3:23 and examine “What Does God Want to Plant in Your Life?” (Timeless Biblical Principles for Planting and Reaping). Bring it Home as […]

Z6 Communion of the Saints Baptism Lords Supper

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NT1-4, #32 “TODAY, This Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Hearing” (Chapter Three: JESUS – Rising Notoriety) Luke 4:14-30

NT1-4, Sermon 32 “TODAY, This Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Hearing” In this week’s sermon, (Luke 4:14-30) Pastor Pete unfolds this amazing passage and the utter contempt people then and even today hold for the message of Christ, the Person of Christ, the Saving Work of Christ. What should the believer do in light of […]

Z5 Chapter 26 The Church Completed

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NT1-4 #31 Jesus Second Miracle: JESUS Heals the Nobleman’s Son (Chapter Three: JESUS Rising Notoriety) John 4:43-54

What’s the difference between believing and trusting. The Bible tells us that even the demons believe and tremble. Believing is not sufficient. We have to put our full faith, belief, and trust, our confidence in Christ alone for our salvation. Through the Scriptures alone,  by faith, and by grace alone for the glory of God […]

February 2021

Z3 Chapter 26 The Church

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NT1-4 Sermon #30 “A Very Deep Well: The Savior, The Sinner and the Soul – Winner” (Chapter Three: JESUS Rising Notoriety) John 4:1-42

NT1-4 #30: “A Very Deep Well: The Savior, The Sinner and the Soul-Winner” (Chapter Three: JESUS – Rising Notoriety) (John 4:1-42) In this very intense section of Scripture we are taken deep into Jacob’s Well, Jesus goes well out of His way to speak to a Samaritan woman. What comes from this conversation is countless […]

NT1-4 Sermon #29 “Out With the Old and In With the New” (Chapter Two: JESUS – Starting Up the Ministry) John 3:22-36

One of many quotes from John the Baptist is when he stated, “He (Jesus) must increase and I (John the Baptist) must decrease.” More of Christ; less of me. This is the key to effective ministry and successful life. When we seek to put Christ first, others second then we can experience the (J.O.Y.) Jesus. […]