March 2012

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark – Part Two

Pastor Pete shares from selected Scriptures the doctrine of Bibliology and how we got our English Bibles. A careful presentation of the Bible’s authority, inerrancy, infallibility, clarity, necessity, sufficiency, continuity, historicity and integrity is discussed. Needed clarity is given for the confusion over the many Bible versions, translations and interpretations

February 2012

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark – Part One

This week’s message introduces the Gospel according to John Mark. Pastor Pete will give some historical background on how we got our English Bible and how we can know its accuracy and reliability as being God breathed. An overview presentation of the book will include a description of Mark: the time, style, theme, scope and emphasis on Christ throughout the second gospel of the New Testament.

Three Coffins; Three Tombstones

This is the last message in Pastor Pete’s Series on Genesis. From 2/2005 – 12/2005 Pastor Pete preached through the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis. From 9/2009 to the present Pastor Pete has been off and on teaching in the book of Genesis from chapters 12-50. In this time we’ve looked at the Patriarchal record of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and have discovered the beginnings of faith in the nature and character of God. In this 88th message Pastor shares the concluding thoughts on the deaths of Jacob and Joseph and the parallel between Adam’s death and its implications to all of humanity and the death, burial and resurrection of the second Adam: Jesus Christ and what His death wrought for all of mankind. We need not fear death. The last enemy to be destroyed will be death and the grave. One day even sin will be put to death once and for all. The good news Gospel message for everyone is that because of Christ we can be assured of not having to die that second death and gain an assurance of life everlasting with Christ.

Vessels of Honor

Will we choose to be vessels of honor - anctified, useful and prepared? If so, what areas of our life do we need to surrender to God?

January 2012

Russ Miller – Creation, Evolution Ministries

Microscopic Man; Astronomical God Hits: 118

A Father’s Blessing On His Children

Pete shares from the Word of God from Genesis 49: the importance of a father’s role in the home and family and of leaving a godly inheritance to those we leave behind.

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Ten

Pastor Pete outlines in an overview format, the essence of true and authentic forgiveness using the life of Joseph as the example of how we are to forgive others. The message is followed by a very compelling skit, from the Skit Guys, on God’s Chisel. Our problems are allowed by God for our good and for God’s glory.

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Nine: Forgiven and Forgiveness 101 – The Solution

The Tragic Consequences of an Unforgiving Heart Genesis 43:1-48:22 Sermon Notes Hits: 53

December 2011

The Amazing Power of True Forgivenss Part Eight: Forgiven and Forgiveness 101

The Problem Genesis 46:1-48:22 Sermon Notes Hits: 61

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Seven B: Taking in the BIG Picture

  Taking in the BIG Picture (A Father’s Legacy From Forgiveness) Genesis 46:1- 48:22 Sermon Notes Same as last week. Hits: 62