Rediscovering Biblical Womanhood

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On this Mother’s Day 2022 we look at the situation not only in our own homes and marriages but within the borders of our City, County, State, nation, and World. The situation is dire and looks hopeless. One of the most dangerous tools, used by the enemy Satan, is the Women’s Liberation Movement, also known as ‘feminism.’ On the surface, it looks benign and needful, underneath it is chiseling away at the very foundations of marriage, the home, and the family. To what end? The literal destruction of society as we know it. It is time for the church to give an answer, using the power of the Holy Scriptures, to convince, win, build and send ambassadors back into our broken world with the mission to teach and live out the truth for all to see, hear and experience for themselves. If our marriages are failing, if our homes are imploding, if our churches are anemic and teaching ‘fluff’, what are the righteous to do if the foundations are destroyed? The power of the gospel: Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

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