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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Power of God for salvation. It is not just a salvation message it is also Consecration and Sanctification as we grow into maturity it is an impossibility apart from the Good News of Christ Himself: the Hope of Glory. Him we preach, warning every man, teaching every man in all wisdom that we might present every man perfect (spiritually mature) in Christ Jesus. To this end we labor striving according to His working which works in us mightily. Colossians 1:28,29


September 2018

NT0671 A Prayer for Israel Part Two (Israel’s Rejection of Christ) Romans 10:4-10

Religion will kill you. A relationship with Jesus Christ will save you. The world is full of false religions that really come down to the same errors multiplied into thousands of heresies. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans 10:4-10 deals the killing blow to religious Jews who thought their legalism and license as Jews would be more than enough to save them. Unfortunately, their error, two thousand years ago, continues to be our error today. True faith comes from God alone and requires

August 2018

Refresh, Revive, Renew!

Life can be extremely taxing and wearying.  It feels sometimes like circumstances are trying to pull you down and away from what is healthy, rejuvenating and life giving. We attempt to fix our life’s mess in many superficial ways without any real relief from life’s troubles.  What do the scriptures have to say about rising from the quicksands of daily drudgery and defeat? In this week’s sermon Pastor Pete will preach from Psalm 26: and share three simple truths from this passage that will “Refresh, Revive and Renew” your life, faith and heart.  Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

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“Cut to the Heart”

Acts Chapter 2

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The Sacrifice of Worship

Mark 14:3-9

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01935 A Prayer for Instruction – Part Two – Psalm 25:1-22

In Part Two of Psalm 25: Pastor Pete unwraps the heart cry of David as he in turn cries out to God for His forgiveness, instruction, guidance, pardon and request for humility over a heart of pride. Who of us couldn’t benefit from hearing and saying this prayer ourselves? For Goodness Sake, For God’s Sake and for Heaven’s sake we need to fall on the Stone before He falls on us. We serve a good and gracious God who asks we come to Him when afflicted. He is the Source and Resource of all we will ever need in this life and the next. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

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July 2018

01934 A Prayer for Instruction (God’s Ways in Dark Days) Psalm 25:1-22

01934 A Prayer for Instruction – (God’s Ways in Dark Days) Psalm 25:1-22. Whenever we encounter the worst situations in life many times prayer is one of our last resources. Prayer is communion, fellowship, instruction and guidance from God all rolled into one glorious encounter with God Himself. Like King David, the writer of this Psalm, we often come to God feeling attacked, entrapped, isolated, discouraged and maybe even hated by our enemies. When coming to God in prayer it is good to be remin

01933 The KING of Glory (When Worship is Right) Psalm 24:1-10

True Biblical, Christ centered worship is something every believer should understand and long to experience on a daily basis. The Psalmist understood his own depravity and the desperate need of humanity to come into God’s holy presence rightly as the High King of Heaven. We need to first recognize God’s power, then we need to see for ourselves, as did David and Isaiah God’s purity and holiness and then we need to realize in a practical, daily, moment by moment basis God’s presence. Is there any


Jonah was a prophet who lived about the time of king Jeroboam II. (2 Kings 14:25).  He occupies a unique place as the first foreign missionary. Jesus attests to Jonah’s being in the great fish for three days and nights even as Christ was three days and nights in the grave, and their mutual resurrections. (Matthew 12:38-42)  His name means dove, but I will show three other fowl transformations of him.

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Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing

John 15:1-5

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Summer Soldiers & Persistent Saints

“Sometimes what Jesus said is hard to swallow.”
John 6:60-70

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