September 2020

1689 London Baptist Profession Pt.8

1689 LondonBaptist Professon of Faith Pt.6

August 2020

1689 London Baptist Profession of Faith pt 4

May 2020

New Series: The Complete Gospel – (The Fingerprint of God: An Overview of the Four Gospels) Part Two

Theology 801 – 2020 Ecclesiology – Lesson 19

In Session 19 Pastor Pete continues to wrap up the Sign Gifts of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues.

sunday school

Service 5-17-20

September 2019

Theology 701 – 2019 Soteriology – Lesson 8

March 2018

” What in the World is God Doing?”

What in the World is God Doing? It may seem like God is indifferent and may have even dismissed the world and all of our sin and problems altogether. The Apostle Paul speaks to His work in salvation using as His example His covenant people of Israel, the Jewish people. No one group of people have been given so much, and yet, it seems as if with all of God's fervent work, little has been accomplished. Has God's Word and Work failed? In this sermon Pastor Pete introduces us to the heart of Paul who was willing to be forever cursed for God's people to come to faith. This amazing example should serve to cause us to give careful consideration to our own view of the lost and our attitude of great sorrow for our loved ones salvation. When God gives such abundant grace and amazing blessing one would think that would be enough to draw, save and guarantee salvation. To whom much is given, much is required. What are the lessons of Romans 9:1-5? Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE! 

October 2017

“There is Therefore Now NO CONDEMNATION”

You may not realize it but the whole of your life, now that you are a born again believer, assuming that indeed you are, is wrapped up in the focus of glorifying the God who saved us from sin and death. It is an egregious contradiction in terms when professing believers either have no desire for spiritual victory over their sin or are ignorant they have already been granted it through the gift of grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality of freedom and liberty in Christ should be a stunning realization, to the believer, of the wonder of Christ and of Christianity. The reality of our freedom in Christ is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. The reason for our freedom in Christ is our justification. The route to our freedom in Christ is His substitutionary life, death, burial and resurrection. The result of our freedom in Christ is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. The nature of our freedom in Christ is a lifestyle of ongoing victory over our sin and the ultimate glory of God being manifest in our lives. Romans 8:1-11 may be the most powerful section in the entirety of Scripture! Please take this one home with you as you Listen for LIFE!