August 2020

How Do We Move From Romans 7 into Romans 8?

May 2020

New Series: The Complete Gospel – (The Fingerprint of God: An Overview of the Four Gospels) Part Two

sunday school

Service 5-17-20

November 2019

“Discernment and the True Gospel of Jesus Christ”

Cameron McIntosh opens the Scriptures for us with a timely message on practicing spiritual discernment and knowing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to spiritually examine the things of God. We must not believe every spirit but we must test the spirits, as John says in 1 John 4: 2, John states that we can know the true Spirit of God that every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. ALL SERMONS need to focus on Christ alone. If a teacher or preacher begins to draw focus on you and all the amazing things that you can do for God instead of the amazing, awesome work Jesus Christ has already done in His atoning sacrifice on the cross through His death burial and resurrection, that person has missed the mark in every way. A self-centered gospel that puts man at the center and God as almost a genie or fairy godmother, who is only here to serve our purposes and whims is a false gospel and is not biblical. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

September 2019

Theology 701 – 2019 Soteriology – Lesson 7

Theology 701 – 2019 Lesson 7 – The next letter in the TULIP acronym, “P” for the Perseverance of the Saints. Discussion and instruction on the Security of the Believer.

July 2019

Look and Live! Numbers 21:4-9

His dying breath has brought us life. Look to the lifted Christ. Look and live! Look and be healed! Look and be healed and set free from every sin, our thirst quenched and battles begin to be won

Escaping Our Enemies Exodus 14

Friend, while Jesus was on the cross with His arms stretched out and nailed there, He was holding back the Red Sea of sin sheding His blood that you might go through on dry ground free from the enemy, free from sins slavery.

Seperating Light From Darkness Genesis 1:1-5

Our lives were just like the earth, in fact, we could say, “In the beginning” our lives were without form and in an uninhabitable state, void and buried in the darkness of the deep. But when God said, “Let there be light” everything changed and the uninhabitable became habitable, took on form, was no longer void […]

December 2018

A Very Disturbing Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

This year’s Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is disturbing on a number of levels. Why does it seem everything that has to do with the Advent and Incarnation of Jesus Christ be airbrushed and picture perfect. It was anything but perfect. Jesus chose to break in to our world with a story line of imperfection. The […]