September 2016

Narrow Gate, Narrow Way

This Sunday’s message is an expository message that uncovers the climax of the Sermon on the Mount, as we read in Matthew 7:13-14. It discusses how God presents us with daily choices, but most importantly, the ultimate choice. Will we choose the narrow gate or the broad gate, the narrow way or the wide way? Will we choose God or choose mammon? Will we choose life or death? Without delving too much into God’s perspective of foreordination, this message focuses on the human perspective of choice and free will.

July 2016

What Is Spiritual Growth?

This message discusses a few key points that are important for the Christian to grow spiritually; it also briefly mentions what spiritual growth is not. In a point by point sermon, is is made clear that spiritual growth is not just what a Christian does or knows but depends upon a loving, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and by walking worthy of the calling Christians have received.

April 2016

Can Believers Lose Their Salvation?

There are a variety of Christian groups today who believe that salvation may be lost after it had been bestowed upon believers; this is most commonly a conclusion derived from improper hermeneutics and a poor understanding of the Holy Bible. This message addresses the argument of losing one’s salvation and deeply probes and tears down the more commonly used passages to “support” loss of salvation. It concludes that it is impossible to lose one’s salvation once it has been granted from God.

October 2015

Sola Fide: Salvation is by Faith Alone

These past couple months, Pastor Pete has built a case against the rational and righteous sinners in the Book of Romans. These sinners believe that their behaviors are rational or righteous enough for justification by God. This Sunday, an introduction will be made to the third type of sinner, the religious sinner, who believes that s/he can be justified by their godly works. To be declared justified means to be declared "not guilty" before God. As we will see, Christians are justified solely by faith, which is a gift from God, and not works- lest any should boast. This message will primarily focus upon the texts of Galatians 2 and Philippians 3.

March 2015

The Beasts of the Field Give Glory to God

This Sunday is part two of the two part creation series – the Heavens and the Beasts of the Field Give Glory to God; as last week’s message focused on the creation of the heavens (and earth) and refuted the Big Bang theory, this Sunday’s message examines the so-called “evidence” put forth by evolutionists. This message scientifically and biblically refutes the theory of evolution on every plane. It turns out that all scientific phenomena clearly point to a marvelous creator and that life created from randomness and disorder is an invalid conclusion

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord

God is revealed to us by two primary means: His Specific or Special Revelation but also by His General Revelation. Most Sunday morning sermons emphasize God’s Specific Revelation via expository or topical preaching from the Bible. While this is considered of utmost importance to emphasize God’s Special Revelation to the church, it is also important for the church to see how God is manifested outside of the Holy Scriptures; General Revelation can be a powerful evangelical tool to communicate God to the varying “levels” of unbelievers. Today’s message will refute the Big Bang Theory in a step-by-step examination. It is important for people to realize that, although the Big Bang Theory (and Evolution, examined next week) is the most prominent view of origins presented in schools, museums and other places, the less prominent view of origins - creation of everything by God - is the only true and logical view given all of the evidence.

November 2014

Sunday, The Lord’s Day

This Sunday, we will be exploring the origin of Sunday as the traditional day of Christian worship; it is part 2 of the message that was presented on July 13, 2014 entitled “Unveiling the Sabbath” at . Sunday, also called the Lord’s Day, is a day of remembering Jesus Christ as our Savior. Sunday is not to be confused with Saturday, the traditional, biblical Sabbath (which is the day appointed in the Mosaic Covenant to remember God as Creator). Contrary to what many claim, the Sabbath was never switched from Saturday to Sunday. This message will refute this claim and pose that, according to passages contained in Matthew 28, Luke 23 and 24, that Sunday was appointed by God to worship and praise Jesus as Lord and Savior.

July 2014

Unveiling the Sabbath

God designed that the seventh day (the Sabbath, which begins nightfall on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday) would be a special memorial to His creation and its original perfection. The Sabbath was to remind the people of Israel that they had forfeited paradise. There is no question that nine of the Ten Commandments are permanent and binding. Jesus is perfect and holy yet, according to the Jews, He violated the fourth commandment (to remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy {six days you shall labor and do all of your work…on the seventh day you will do no work; Exodus 20:8}. Also see Mark 2:23) of the Sabbath multiple times by healing, gathering food and other activities. As God’s church, how are we to understand the place that the Sabbath plays, if any, in the life of God’s people? This Sunday, we will discuss that Sunday, also called the Lord’s Day, has not replaced the Sabbath and that Jesus’ sacrifice put an end to the priesthood, the need for a sacrificial system and the Sabbath.

April 2014

Your Future Itinerary as a Christian

With this Sunday’s message, we will embark upon what is perceived as the most fantastic journey that God has in store for the believer in Christ; we will be discussing your future itinerary as a Christian. The “stops” along the way include: ‘what happens when you die’, the Rapture of the Church, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the Marriage of the Lamb, the Return of Christ, the Millennial Kingdom, and the Eternal State. People often wonder what the future beholds when all one needs to do is receive the answer in Scripture.

July 2013

Surprised By Hell

This Sunday we will be discussing Luke 16:19-31 – The Rich Man and Lazarus. This biblical passage will be considered verse by verse while answering pressing questions such as: What is Hell like? Is Hell eternal? Why did the rich man go to Hell but the poor man, Lazarus, did not? Will you or your loved ones go to Hell? Satan’s lie has been around since the deception of mankind (Genesis 3). This message is both informative and applicable as it focuses upon extracting God’s Truth and how mankind should react to this marvelous revelation