July 2020

Confronting Your Fears

Confronting Our Fear. “Fear seems to be the the primary emotion that people are dealing with these days. How are Christians dealing with fear?” Hits: 86

July 2018

Summer Soldiers & Persistent Saints

“Sometimes what Jesus said is hard to swallow.”   John 6:60-70 Hits: 188

August 2017

The Called, the Committed and the Uncomfortable

Tomorrow may be the day that one of us is called to go and tell the world about Him, of what He has done for you, of what it means to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Are you ready? Listen as Reverend Grif Vautier speaks of being called, being committed and being uncomfortable.

September 2016

Why Does Evil and Fear Reign Supreme in our World?

Is evil on the rise? Does God not see the problem? Habakkuk asks these questions when it seemed as if there was no reasonable solution for the condition of God's people. Listen as Grif leads us through the process with Habakkuk, from fear to confusion to faith and trust.

November 2014

George Whitefield, the 18th Century Evangelist

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