NT1-4 Sermon #29 “Out With the Old and In With the New” (Chapter Two: JESUS – Starting Up the Ministry) John 3:22-36

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Sermon Notes

One of many quotes from John the Baptist is when he stated, “He (Jesus) must increase and I (John the Baptist) must decrease.” More of Christ; less of me. This is the key to effective ministry and successful life. When we seek to put Christ first, others second then we can experience the (J.O.Y.) Jesus. Others. You. – intended for use in living the Christian life, for His glory. Whenever we seek our selfish interests first, it is like trying to fill a bucket with a large hole in it. No matter what we pour into our lives, if there is a hole in it, we will waste the little life we may have left. The best way to gain the best from life is to be willing to lose it all, to gain it all, for the sake and glory of Jesus Christ. Another quote from a great Christian missionary, Jim Elliott, who was martyred for his faith, goes like this, “He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep; to gain what he cannot lose.” This week’s life lesson can be found in John’s gospel, (John 3:22-36). Let’s Bring it Home as we Listen for LIFE!