NT1-4 Sermon #36 “A Time for Healing” (Chapter Three: JESUS: Rising Notoriety) Matthew 8:2-9:8; Mark 1:40-2:12; Luke 5:12-26

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Sermon Notes

Just this week I did a funeral for someone I had never met. The testimonials for his character and impact on everyone who knew him were very compelling I found myself weeping at the loss. A young man who died way too young. I have no idea whether or not he knew the Lord. It was my privilege, as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to share the hope of Christ with all in attendance. Many young people heard the truth of the gospel and the hope of eternal life in Christ possibly for the first time.
The text for this week is so compelling and riveting it has all the potential of being life-changing and transforming. Wherever Jesus went, in His wake was the victory over sin, victory over death, and victory over sickness. What a tragedy when we carry the disease of sin and ignore the only cure. My hope is you will discover, for yourself, the healing power of Jesus. Now is the time for healing. Come to Jesus and let Him touch and transform your life. Life matters. Eternity waits for no one. Now is the time for salvation. Let’s bring it Home as we listen for LIFE!