February 2016

What Is God’s Standard for Righteousness?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What Does God Want?" If we are to get to heaven and not end up in hell what will it take to get us there? Pastor Pete shares the Apostle Paul's explanation of God's standard of righteousness, how we can bring God satisfaction? In other words, What does God want from us? It doesn't get more practical than this folks! (Romans 3:21-25a) Listen for Life!

What Will Hell Be Like? Part Two

The terrors of hell are rarely taught or taken seriously and yet the Scriptures teach more on the reality of hell than even of heaven. Did you know our Lord Jesus taught more on this subject than every Old and New Testament writer combined? Pastor Pete shares the sobering truth for the unbeliever of an eternity in hell fire and shares for the believer the joy and assurance of knowing we don't have to endure endless pain, agony, darkness and eternal retribution. Do you know for sure where you will spend eternity? Listen for LIFE!

January 2016

“What Will Hell Be Like?”

The subject of hell is often rejected as a cruel and unbiblical doctrine simply because in our finite minds we conclude the doctrine of hell to be unfair and unlike the Person and character of God, as we chose to see Him, a God of love and mercy. Hell is a real place with real people experiencing real pain, loss, unimaginable suffering, darkness and retribution for all eternity. Modern Christianity, Churches and Preachers do their utmost to ignore this doctrine believing it will only alienate the lost. They prefer to market the church and the gospel with doctrines that will put God and eternity in the best light. Promises are made that to experience Christ is to experience your best life now. "With eternity in view: What Will Hell Be Like?" - Part One, Pastor Pete opens the subject of the horrors of hell and what it will take to save us from eternal punishment. LISTEN FOR LIFE!

What Will Heaven Be Like? Part Three

Synopsis: In part three on "What Will Heaven Be Like?" Pastor Pete answers the following three questions: 1.) Heaven's Identity: Why Should We Desire to Go to Heaven? 2.) Heaven's Activity: What Will We Be Doing in Heaven? and lastly, 3.) Heaven's Occupancy: Who Will be There in Heaven? In case any of us wonder how our identity, activity and personality will be affected, honestly, our complete transformation will be all about Christ and His glory, exaltation and worship. There will be no thought whatsoever for me, myself or I. The middle initial of SIN is "I." Listen for LIFE!

What Will Heaven Be Like? Part Two

Pastor Pete returns to the subject of heaven in this second part message on "With Eternity in View? - What will Heaven Be Like?" The fact of eternity? Heaven or Hell? Views on heaven and hell and testimonials of people who say they died and went to heaven will be examined. A careful biblical explanation of what the Scriptures teach on the reality of heaven will be declared for the edification of the individual hearer and for the church body as a whole. Listen for Life!

“What Will Heaven Be Like?”

This first Sunday of the new year Pastor Pete takes a needful detour from the study on the book of Romans to teach on the subjects of heaven and hell. "With Eternity in View-What Will Heaven Be Like?" The fact of life is death, and the fact of death is eternity. Listen for Life!

December 2015

A Prayer for God’s Mercy

Today our society, our hospitals and psych wards are full of people who are overcome and overwhelmed with guilt and sorrow over their sin. Does their sorrow lead them to true godly repentance? Often those who live their lives with unconfessed sin end up medicating their guilt and never find for themselves the peace and confidence God freely offers to all of us through His mercy and grace. The solution for a great many of us is very simple: Confession is good for the mind, for the body and for the soul. Confession to God first and foremost and then, when appropriate, to others we have wronged. Pastor Pete unpacks the first of David's penitent psalms in Psalm 6:1-10. " A Prayer for God's Mercy" - (The Conquering Power of Confessing Sin) - 1.) The Great Problem of Unconfessed Sin. (Psalm 6:1-7); 2.) The Great Power of Confessed Sin. (Psalm 6:8-10) Listen for LIFE!

Christmas Eve Service

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“Without Wax?”

The word "Sincere" in the Latin means, "Without Wax." Hear the story of the broken gift of pottery this Christmas. What we offer to God is broken, imperfect and flawed. What must we do to offer God the perfect and sinless Gift He requires? Listen for LIFE!

A Morning Prayer For Guidance

Pastor Pete returns this week to the series on the first book of Psalms 1-41. This week: Psalm 5: "A Morning Prayer for Guidance" (How to Get Ready, Get Set and Go) first thing in the morning. We must start our day being prayerful, being real and receiving with thanks God's blessings.We often get distracted first thing in the morning thinking about ourselves, our agenda, our needs and we forget to give God the first place in the best part of the new day. Along with the Psalmist this psalm, (song) is a wonderful exhortation to believers on how to start each new day. Listen for LIFE!