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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Power of God for salvation. It is not just a salvation message it is also Consecration and Sanctification as we grow into maturity it is an impossibility apart from the Good News of Christ Himself: the Hope of Glory. Him we preach, warning every man, teaching every man in all wisdom that we might present every man perfect (spiritually mature) in Christ Jesus. To this end we labor striving according to His working which works in us mightily. Colossians 1:28,29


March 2019

NT0683 Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Part One: Romans 12:3-9

NT0683 “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts” (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Part One: Romans 12:3-9 In this message Pastor Pete unpacks the first of two messages on the gifts of the Spirit. We will limit our teaching to the gifts mentioned only in this passage. The four lists of gifts can be found in Romans 12: I Corinthians 12:-14: Ephesians 4: and I Peter 4: Our spiritual work of service / worship is knowing our gifts and using them for the glory of God and the mutual edification of the local church. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE! 

Theology 501 – 2019 Anthropology – Lesson 8

Anthropology 501 – 2019 Lesson 8: We will unpack the difference between a “Carnal Christian” and someone who is just not religious. We will also discuss terms used in the Bible for soul and spirit and the use of the word, “Heart” to describe the seat of emotion and moral consciousness.

Russ Miller – Sunday, March 24th, 10:00 AM – “Answering (25) Common Questions Skeptics Ask About Creation”

Sunday Morning Worship Service at Family Bible Church: “Answering (25) Common Questions About Creation” by Russ Miller, Founder of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. 

Russ Miller – Tribulational Events that Will Change the World – Saturday, March 23rd, 7:00 PM

Saturday Evening, 7 PM, March 22nd – Russ Miller speaks on the subject: “Tribulational Events that will Change the Earth” – Q&A to follow. Russ Miller is the founder of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries and speaks to churches, college and University campuses on the subject of Creation and a young earth. 

Russ Miller – Sunday, March 24th, 8:30 AM – Family Bible Hour – “Public Education Menticide”

Russ Miller speaks to the subject: “Public Education Menticide” – (The Systematic and Deliberate Undermining of our Children’s Faith and Values)

The Only Message

Are we seeing miracles among us? Are we seeing lives removed from darkness and being brought into the light of Jesus Christ with power? Where are the miracles among us? Are we relying on good works, our own efforts, recovery groups, 12 steps, or relying on another gospel that has no power to change the heart and therefore set the captive free?

NT06-82 Thinking About Thinking – Romans 12:3-5

NT06-82 Pastor Pete continues in his series on the Book of Romans by looking at the Apostle Paul’s admonition to the church in Rome and to us today to give serious thought to what we think about, who we think about. The power of the gospel (Romans 1:16) is Christ Alone. When we are transformed by the power of Christ then our full focus and energy will be spent in pursuing His will and His glory. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Theology 501 – 2019 Anthropology – Lesson 7

The Power of the Gospel

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Defines salvation, gospel, the power, and how we got it.

What Is God’s Will For My Life?

If I asked the question, “How important is it (on a scale of 1-10) for the christian to know God’s will for their lives, most believers would say, “It’s a 10!”
But if I follow up that question with,” Then what is God’s will for your life?”, most people shrug their shoulders and say “I wish I knew!” It’s super important, but no one knows the answer.
This Sunday I’ll bring 4 concrete truths to tell us what God’s will is for every person. When we’re walking in God’s clear and sure will , we can be confident of his continued leadership in our lives.