December 2017

“The Mighty Works of God” Part Two

Last message we only got through verse six of Psalm 19: In this Psalm of David we are introduced to God as Creator in His World and this week we are introduced to God as Redeemer in His Word. No one can come to faith with the revelation of creation and the Creator alone, we need to hear and respond in faith to the gospel of Jesus Christ through His eternal Word. In Psalm 19:8-14 the Psalmist unpacks the glory of the Word of God and of its many benefits to the reader and believer. We would do well to heed these great truths and bring it home to our lives as we Listen for LIFE!

November 2017

“The Mighty Works of God”

This Week Pastor Pete will introduce you to a fundamental study in the doctrines of creation, and revelation. These two misunderstood doctrines are the very foundations of our faith and understanding of God and how things are supposed to work. If we get these two doctrines out of their proper Biblical and God centered alignment the fallout will have incalculable consequences. Psalm 19: written by the Psalmist David, speaks to the Creator and the Revelator. Creation clearly proclaims a Creator just as the revelation of the Biblical account and record clearly points to a Savior and an all sufficient sovereign God. The church in America has lost its moorings in large part because of the lost, forsaken and abandoned doctrines of Creation and Revelation. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“King David’s Thanksgiving Song”

Approaching the American holiday of Thanksgiving gives each of us cause to consider what we are thankful for and how we choose to give thanks. Of course, Thanksgiving is not just the third Thursday of each November, most of us understand thanksgiving is a daily exercise of our conscious will in spite of the trouble that comes to us with each new day. A thankful heart speaks to a strong theology of God and of His providence regardless of life’s circumstances and suffering. It rains on the just and the unjust. What God allows and permits in our lives for good Satan desires for evil. God is in the construction business: He seeks to build us up and equip us for the trials and trouble tomorrow will inevitably bring. Satan is in the destruction business and he seeks to kill, steal and destroy. Life and godliness, joy and happiness are inextricably linked to a thankful heart. How about you? Are you thankful… in everything? We will look to Paul in I Thessalonians 5:18 and King David in Psalm 18: to discover how to give thanks in all things. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“At His Feet”

Have you sat at the foot of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to just drink in all He has for you? Have you realized the depth of your sin and the depth of His love and grace for you? This woman (a sinner) sets an example for us to follow in her love for […]

Fervent Prayers of a Soul Survivor

What do you do when under the gun? Where do you go when under great stress? Who do you turn to when at your wits end? These questions, and many more speak to the inevitable conflicts that come in trying to live our lives well. Whenever we seek to glorify God stuff happens and hits the proverbial fan. Often the difficulties and stresses of life are self-inflicted. We tend to bring much of the stress and turmoil of life upon ourselves. We can hardly play the victim card when our poor choices have taken us down. But when we do our utmost to live life well, giving God glory in all we do, and are still persecuted and brought low what do we do then? The Psalmist: David gives us some refreshing ideas from his own life experience from Psalm 17:1-15 Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

October 2017

Reformation Sunday

Sunday, October 29th is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In the worship service Pastor Pete leads the congregation in a celebration of Martin Luther’s life and the influence he provided for the reformers during the time of the Reformation. A collection of Responsive Scripture Readings, Church Hymns and a overview retelling of Martin Luther’s life will be the focus of this week’s worship service. Bring it Home as you Listen for Life!

“There is Therefore Now NO CONDEMNATION”

You may not realize it but the whole of your life, now that you are a born again believer, assuming that indeed you are, is wrapped up in the focus of glorifying the God who saved us from sin and death. It is an egregious contradiction in terms when professing believers either have no desire for spiritual victory over their sin or are ignorant they have already been granted it through the gift of grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality of freedom and liberty in Christ should be a stunning realization, to the believer, of the wonder of Christ and of Christianity. The reality of our freedom in Christ is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. The reason for our freedom in Christ is our justification. The route to our freedom in Christ is His substitutionary life, death, burial and resurrection. The result of our freedom in Christ is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. The nature of our freedom in Christ is a lifestyle of ongoing victory over our sin and the ultimate glory of God being manifest in our lives. Romans 8:1-11 may be the most powerful section in the entirety of Scripture! Please take this one home with you as you Listen for LIFE!

Galatians – Distractions

Ken Bortz from Word Sowers International brought us the message from the Book of Galatians. It was almost as if the great Apostle Paul was here himself to quote from memory the letter to the church of Galatia. The take home Big Idea was that we need to live and walk in the liberty for which Christ Himself set us free. We need to love others with the love of Christ and see to it we are light ourselves giving hope to a hopeless and helpless world apart from the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and His powerful gospel of grace through faith. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“Who is the Man of Romans Chapter Seven?”

In these verses we see a historical tension between four points of view when it comes to understanding the quest for spiritual victory over sin in the Christian’s life. Who is this man, Paul speaks of in Romans 7:14-20? Is he speaking of himself when he was an unsaved man? Is the Apostle Paul speaking of himself as a believer but a carnal, fleshly, immature man? Is he speaking of himself under the conviction of the Holy Spirit or is he speaking of a mature believer who realizes the utter depravity of his own sin as well as his utter dependence upon the Holy Spirit to gain victory over his sinful human nature? This biblical controversy demands an answer, for with the answer comes understanding, hope and spiritual victory for the daily walk and victory of the true believer. Bring it home as you Listen for LIFE!


This message may be one of the most important messages at Family Bible Church. The very first institution created by God Himself was marriage. Biblical marriage, the home and the family is under attack today. One might ask, ‘WHY?’ Simply put, because it is the very moral foundation of every civilization. A society cannot continue to grow and flourish if marriage and the family are redefined and changed by man. We are reaping the consequences of the foolish recreation, by man, of God’s institutions. Pastor Pete leads FBC in a collective Covenant Marriage rededication service by explaining the meaning of ‘COVENANT.’ He will explain the significance of a blood covenant in the Old and New Testaments. He will teach why the oaths and promises in a covenant marriage are so binding. When we say ‘I Do’ we are essentially extending God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and His unconditional love. Covenant marriage may be the most powerful illustration of the Gospel message we could ever live out before one another and the world. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!