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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Power of God for salvation. It is not just a salvation message it is also Consecration and Sanctification as we grow into maturity it is an impossibility apart from the Good News of Christ Himself: the Hope of Glory. Him we preach, warning every man, teaching every man in all wisdom that we might present every man perfect (spiritually mature) in Christ Jesus. To this end we labor striving according to His working which works in us mightily. Colossians 1:28,29


April 2021

NT1-4 Sermon #34 “The Healing Power of Jesus” (Chapter Three: JESUS: Rising Notoriety) Matthew 4:23, 8:14-18; Mark 1:21-34; Luke 4:31-34

NT1-4, Sermon #34 “The Healing Power of Jesus” – Coming out of a year of Covid 19 “Pandemic” – it is easy to become crazed with fear, especially when there are some who live off of our fears, ‘Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear!’ (John 4:18) Jehovah-Rapha, is the God who heals. We need to go to Him and live contentedly knowing it is He who holds our breath and life in His hands. Whether Demons, Sickness or Disease  – God has this! Trust in Him. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Lesson 8 Part 2 on Ecclesiology: “The Persecuted Church” A.D. 100-313

In this lesson, Pastor Pete will review Lesson Eight, Section Two on the Persecuted Church (100-313 A.D.)

2021 Resurrection Sunday: The Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ (Using the Tool: The Wordless Book) Selected Scriptures

2021 Easter / Resurrection Sunday Sermon: ‘The Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ” (Using the Tool: The Wordless Book) Selected Scriptures. 

Z8 Punishment and Reward at Death

March 2021

Z7 Lords Supper Baptism

NT1-4 Sermon #33 “FOLLOW ME and I Will Make You Fishers of Men” (Chapter Three: JESUS: Rising Notoriety)Matthew 4:12-22; Mark 1:14-20; Luke 4:31a

In our ongoing study on the Complete Gospel: A Chronological Journey through the Four Gospels, we are looking this week at “FOLLOW ME and I Will Make You Fishers of Men.” (NT1-4, #33) In this message Pastor Pete will take the harmony gospel accounts in Matthew, Mark and Luke and weave them together to tell the story of the call to Peter and Andrew and to James and John. (Matthew 4:12-22; Mark 1:14-20; Luke 4:31a) Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Z6 Communion of the Saints Baptism Lords Supper

NT1-4, #32 “TODAY, This Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Hearing” (Chapter Three: JESUS – Rising Notoriety) Luke 4:14-30

NT1-4, Sermon 32 “TODAY, This Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Hearing” In this week’s sermon, (Luke 4:14-30) Pastor Pete unfolds this amazing passage and the utter contempt people then and even today hold for the message of Christ, the Person of Christ, the Saving Work of Christ. What should the believer do in light of these truths? How do we persevere when there is growing hostility to the message Christ brings through us? Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Z5 Chapter 26 The Church Completed

NT1-4 #31 Jesus Second Miracle: JESUS Heals the Nobleman’s Son (Chapter Three: JESUS Rising Notoriety) John 4:43-54

What’s the difference between believing and trusting. The Bible tells us that even the demons believe and tremble. Believing is not sufficient. We have to put our full faith, belief, and trust, our confidence in Christ alone for our salvation. Through the Scriptures alone,  by faith, and by grace alone for the glory of God alone. The text this week is Jesus healing the nobleman’s son in John 4:43-54 Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!