June 2022

NT1-4, #73 The Sermon on the Mount: Part 30 – “Father’s, Show Me the Father!” (The Narrow Gate: Which Way to Heaven?) Matthew 7:13,14

“Father’s, Show Me the Father?” What would you say is the most important job of a Father? On Father’s Day 2022 we look to Matthew 7:13,14 to discover it is to lead our families to the Lord and to become true and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. Anything else is secondary in importance to that. […]

NT1-4, #71 The Sermon on the Mount: Part 29 “Ask, Seek, Knock” (Three Reasons to Love Others) Matthew 7:7-1; Luke 11:9-13

Ask, Seek, Knock: Two Parts, the second part – We have not because we ask not, and when we do ask of God we ask with the wrong heart motives. God is anxious to give to His children what they need and sometimes even what they want, if they would simply ask – God would […]

Pentecost Sunday

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May 2022

NT1-4, #71 The Sermon on the Mount – Part 28: “Ask, Seek, Knock” Matthew 7:7-11; Luke 11:9-13

Pastor Pete shares the Word from the Sermon on the Mount – Part 28: “Ask, Seek, Knock” Matthew 7:7-12; Luke 11: 9-13; Luke 6:31. Jesus gives three reasons, in this passage, why as believers we should love one another. What’s keeping us from doing just that? The Power of the Gospel: Bring it Home as […]

NT1-4 #70 The Sermon on the Mount – Part 27: JUDGING: “Specks and Beams” Part Two (Quenching a Critical Spirit) Matthew 7:1-6

In Part Two of “Specks and Beams” (Quenching a Critical Spirit) Matthew 7:1-6 Pastor Pete completes this section of Scripture by distinguishing between holding others and ourselves accountable to the truths of Scripture but doing so in a manner that respects the offender and the offended. The most offended person is God Himself. It is […]

Rediscovering Biblical Womanhood

On this Mother’s Day 2022 we look at the situation not only in our own homes and marriages but within the borders of our City, County, State, nation, and World. The situation is dire and looks hopeless. One of the most dangerous tools, used by the enemy Satan, is the Women’s Liberation Movement, also known […]

Specks and Beams

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April 2022

NT1-4, #68 Overcoming Financial Worry – The Sermon on the Mount, Part 25 MONEY – Matthew 6:19-34

Worry is a Sin. It is sin because we are told to have faith in God and to trust in Him for our every need. Matthew 6:19-34 in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount speaks to this common issue in the believer’s life. We must look to God for our daily bread. The Power of the […]

Easter 2022: “Faith Works!” (The KING and His Kingdom: A Passport to Heaven) I Corinthians 15:1-28; James 2:14-20

Who do you say Jesus is? Liar, Lunatic or LORD? If He is Lord, is it unreasonable for each of us as subjects of His eternal kingdom to give Him our all, our allegiance, our complete and total consecration? Unfortunately, many “believers” know Jesus as Savior but not as LORD. This is Who He is. […]

March 2022

NT1-4, #66 “Deliver Us from Evil” – Sermon on the Mount #24 – Matthew 6;13b, Selected Scriptures

Deliver Us from Evil – Matthew 6:13b and Selected Scriptures. In this message, Pastor Pete will zero in on the meaning and purpose of temptation and how we as believers have been given the power to say NO to the Tempter and to temptation. The Power of the Gospel: Bring it Home as you Listen […]